Our Story

Santo landscaping was started by our father “Frank Santo” in 1974. He came to this country with a suitcase in hand, with an ambition to make it. He started to work at an estate as a landscaper in Newport. He also went to school to become a barber. and worked at Vinny’s Barber shop in the Fifth ward. The Beatles became popular and the long-hairs came in.

He then started to work for General Electric in Newport for 2 years but GE had a big layoff and he started his own business with a small truck and lawnmower. He had both of his sons Frank and Mike start working for him at 8 years old.

He instilled in us a strong work ethic from when we were young, and gave us all the skills that were needed for the landscaping business. We all worked together as a family for all these years. We’ve grown over time into every aspect of landscaping.

Our father semi-retired in 2001, and that’s when Frank and Mike took the business over completely and developed it into the establishment it is today. Frank Santo Jr. served in the Marine Corps and served overseas in the Gulf War.

Family. Service. Tradition. It’s what makes Santo Landscaping Newport’s go-to landscaping company.

Thanks Dad.

-Frank and Mike Santo